Welcome to Burleson Vapor!


Over the years I have tried some of the “clones” and “knockoffs” and have come to the conclusion that what you get out of vaping is dependent upon what you are willing to put into it. As such I run my shop within that mind-frame and choose to sell higher quality name brand products. I do however choose to carry a small selection of generic mechanical mods and rebuildables because, when it comes to those in particular, the advantage of the name brand model doesn’t always justify the price. 


I haven't had a cigarette since I bought my ProVari, which has been about 2 years now. I attribute my success to the diverse nature of the industry. It if wasn't for the broad selection of flavors and options out there I'm not sure I could have made the switch. Keeping that in mind I keep a broad selection of flavors and nicotine strengths. From lab made/pharmaceutical grade liquids to hand mixing and selling my own USP grade liquids, I carry 80 different flavors and can special order many more.


Our mission at Burleson Vapor is to transform patrons from our corner of the world from the use of detrimental tobacco products to the lifesaving 95% safer alternative of vaping. We will not be satisfied until you are satisfied.

My name is Bryan Scogins and I am 31 yrs old. I starting smoking when I was 18, got married when I was 20, and had my first child at 25. At 10 months old, my son had to have the lower left half of his lung removed. In addition, he lives with severe asthma. With him having bad asthma I would literally have to change clothes, wash my face, and arms up to my elbows before I could come back in and even hold him. If I didn’t take these measures, the nicotine on my hands from the cigarette would irritate his asthma. 


A friend of mine told me about Electronic Cigarettes and said I wouldn’t stink, I wouldn’t have to go through this whole routine to still get my nicotine. He told me when I was about 27 yrs old. I decided to spend the money and get a nice one if I was truly going to do it. I bought a ProVari and starting vaping. It changed my life so much that I decided to open a vapor shop.

Welcome to Burleson Vapor!

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